Instructions for use

Dear customer, mother, father, grandmother, godfather, etc.

We are pleased that you and your child are among our customers. We are convinced that our SNAEGE baby helmet can help prevent minor head injuries in small children (especially abrasions, bumps, etc.) or reduce the consequences of falls. The breathable SNAEGE baby helmet is very light (approx. 50 grams) and is usually not perceived as a nuisance by toddlers or after a short period of getting used to it.

Before using the SNAEGE baby helmet for the first time, please read the following usage instructions carefully and observe them at all times:

  • The baby helmet is suitable for children aged around 8 months to around 2.5 years.

  • Most head injuries in young children occur in the home. The SNAEGE baby helmet is primarily suitable for protection during the first attempts to stand and walk indoors (particularly in places with increased risk of injury such as hard floors in the kitchen, stairs, edgy areas, etc.). The SNAEGE baby helmet can also be used outdoors, for example when going for a walk, playing in playgrounds or in daycare.

  • The SNAEGE baby helmet is not a replacement for bicycle helmets or other protective helmets for sports and leisure activities (helmets for scooters, ski helmets, climbing helmets, helmets for motorized vehicles, etc.). The SNAEGE baby helmet also offers insufficient protection for all activities that go beyond the child's own walking pace or for falls from heights that exceed the child's height.
  • Wearing a SNAEGE baby helmet is never a guarantee of preventing head injuries and does not replace personal and active supervision of the child .

  • The maximum period of use is 30 months from the date of purchase. Please note that the cushioning effect of the foam may decrease with frequent use and/or depending on storage and the SNAEGE baby helmet may no longer have the same cushioning effect before 30 months. If the foam feels hard and stiff, order a new SNAEGE baby helmet.

  • The SNAEGE baby helmet can be adjusted to the size of the child's head. The large Velcro fastener at the back of the head allows for individual adjustment to your child's head. Please note that for small heads, the two end pieces must be overlapped to achieve the optimal fit. It is important that the helmet encloses the head noticeably. SNAEGE baby helmet should fit snugly on the head, but should not be too tight.

  • The chin strap should fit snugly but not cut in (the rule of thumb is about a finger's width between the child's chin and the chin strap).

  • There should always be breaks during which the SNAEGE baby helmet is not worn (particularly in warm rooms and in summer). The child should not sleep with a SNAEGE baby helmet as pressure points can arise while sleeping.

  • If your child has scalp irritations, SNAEGE baby helmet should no longer be worn.

  • The baby helmet can be washed at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle . Drying must take place at room temperature in a dry place.

We are happy to answer any questions or suggestions at any time at .

We wish you a lot of fun with the SNAEGE baby helmet and, above all, an accident-free and healthy time for your child.

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