Instructions for use

Dear mother, dear father, grandmother, goddess, etc.

We are pleased to be able to count you and your little one among our customers and are convinced that the baby helmet can provide the desired accident prevention. Thanks to its light weight (approx. 50 grams) and the special anti-sweat features, the toddler soon no longer perceives the helmet as a foreign body. The baby helmet can easily be washed at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle .

Some important notes:

  • The baby helmet is suitable for children aged from around 8 months to around 2.5 years.
  • Most head injuries in young children occur in the home. This means that your child should wear a head protection, especially when trying to stand and walk for the first time and in places with an increased risk of injury (hard floor in the kitchen, stairs, angular places, etc.).
  • There should also be breaks when the helmet is not worn (sweating in warm rooms and in summer). Decide for yourself how long your child wears the baby helmet during the day. Safe when taking meals, one takes off one's hat.
  • The baby helmet is highly recommended outdoors, i.e. when going for walks, playing on playgrounds, in the daycare center and riding a tricycle under the supervision of the parents.

The large Velcro fastener at the back of the head allows head size adjustment for every child of this age. Please note that with small heads, the two end parts must be overlapped in order to achieve the best possible fit.

Please note, every safety device and accident prevention device has its limitations, so continue to supervise your toddler as well as you have always done.

We are always at your disposal for any questions and suggestions. Write us an email or send us a text message in the online chat. If you are satisfied with our "Guardian Angel", then recommend us to others!

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