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The history of the baby helmet

In 1996 one of our daughters had a serious accident. She wasn't even a year old. By some stupid coincidence, the basement stairs had remained open. Behind it was a steep basement staircase leading down. Our toddler crawled onto it and fell all the way down the stairs. We didn't know how many times she had hit her head and at the hospital the doctor on duty's first diagnosis was a fractured skull. You can imagine how young parents felt with this news. Luckily, an experienced chief physician came along and said everything was fine, because the spot that looked like a fracture was a fontanel! Fontanelles are the bone gaps in the child's skull that are bridged by connective tissue and are present at birth. A night of observation and then home.

We wanted to avoid such injuries in the future and were looking for a helmet or head protection for small children. Only, there was none, there was nothing at all! We researched how many reported head injuries or even craniocerebral trauma occur in young children and we were amazed! A few facts:

  • The one to three-year-old children had the most head injuries.
  • Because of gravity and weight distribution, 7 out of 10 children fall on their heads.
  • Most common fall accidents: Walking around, stairs, couch, bed, chair and parent's arms .
  • The most common injuries are skull contusions (32%), followed by wounds (30%), other contusions (12%) and broken bones (11%). One in five children is seriously injured when they fall. Here you find broken bones at the top of the diagnosis list, followed by craniocerebral trauma.

The exact dates from 1996 in numbers that shocked us at the time are no longer verifiable today, but we were determined to develop head protection for young children. For nights on end, in addition to my normal work, I designed forms and plans that my wife then implemented on the sewing machine until the current form was created at some point. The most important thing was the all-round protection, then the adjustable head size, the wearing comfort, high-quality materials, the processing quality and of course the design.

All these criteria were then met in 1997. Our daughter, the one who had the fall, was a "test child" and it worked perfectly, we were convinced! We patented the baby helmet and received the bfu label (Counseling Center for Accident Prevention, Switzerland) and created brochures and a website, and then we started selling. We called the baby helmet «Guardian Angel». We have been selling baby helmets from our small sewing workshop for over 20 years.

In 2018, sales flattened out a bit because our homepage was no longer up to date and some competing models (copies) were on the market. We decided to let everything rest and in a few years, when we retired, to produce the baby helmet again. Our youngest urged us to start production again today with his technical support.

Our product is unique, functional in terms of safety, high quality (Swiss Made), cute and still trendy. So, let's go!

Karine, Renato and Fausto Pellegrini

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